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Calm ancestors during the Ching Ming Festival! Civilization sweeping the grave, thanksgiving!

2019-04-20 15:04:25

?Calm ancestors during the Ching Ming Festival! Civilization sweeping the grave, thanksgiving!

Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has been ceremonial and patriarchal. Tomb-sweeping Day is a festival in which memories of the dead, commemorating the close relatives of their own, and the ancestors who gave us life. Our annual sweeping of the graves of our loved ones is a ceremonial continuation of the concept of respecting the ancestors. The Ching Ming Festival is a traditional major spring festival festival. It is a fine tradition left by the Chinese nation for thousands of years. It is not only conducive to promoting filial piety, awakening family memory, but also promoting the cohesiveness of family members and even the nation. And a sense of identity.

Civilized sacrifices, mourning, Qingming holidays have arrived!

Farada reminded the majority of friends to be civilized and calm, and to be safe first! Incense, burning paper, whip, and candlelight are the most common traditional practices that people use to mourn. These traditional methods of sacrificial rituals have evolved into the biggest hidden dangers of forest fires. Every year, the forest fires caused by fire accidents such as burning paper money, burning incense sticks, and firecrackers are frequently seen in the country.

Recently, forest fires have occurred in Shanxi, Beijing, Sichuan and other places, which has become the focus of public opinion. On the evening of April 1, the China Emergency Management Department and other three departments jointly released the first high forest fire risk red warning this year, which will maintain the multi-site fire risk at the "extremely dangerous" level.

The fire is ruthless, don't let the tragedy repeat itself!